EIT Project „Prescriptive Production Assistant“

We are proud to announce the start of a new EIT Manufacturing project „Prescriptive Production Assistant“. We aim to develop the shop floor intelligence assistant SIA to assist manufacturing personnel (leaders and operators) in daily decision making and problem solving. SIA is based on industrial-IoT technology from SFM Systems as well as machine learning know-how from SFM Systems and TU Darmstadt. It goes beyond current state of the art because it combines quantitative data like machining output and quality with qualitative data like root cause analysis for problems and action items from manufacturing teams. This EIT Manufacturing project, a prescriptive production assistant (project name “IVE”), brings together entrepreneurship, research, and industry.

The consortium

Magna is a contract-manufacturer for several OEM’s and will test and validate the proposed production assistant solution in practice (the shopfloor environment under real production conditions).

MAN Truck & Bus and Volkswagen respective as one of the world-leading automotive OEMs conveys the industries challenges on flexibility and productivity on the shop floor to the project. MAN implements and validates the prescriptive production assistant solution in practice (the shopfloor environment under real production conditions)

SFM Systems aims to provide manufacturing companies with a digital shop floor management system that supports them in their day-to-day operations, solves problems faster and more effectively, and saves time through automated KPI (key performance indicators) capture. The team of SFM Systems combines years of experience in the area of lean management and digitization consulting for production, as well as in software development for industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

TU Darmstadt with its “Process Learning Factory CiP” has deep knowledge in shop floor management methods and machine learning approaches on the shop floor. As the project lead TU Darmstadt supports the project scientifically, as well as acquires needed data at the corporate partners and gives input to SFM Systems on the development of the prescriptive production assistant

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